Continuous Fan Operation

Definite advantages can be obtained by providing continuous fan operation, particularly with the use of Fresh-Air Ventilation Systems, Energy Efficient Air Cleaners and Power Humidifiers. Today’s new and efficient motors can save you hundreds of dollars while providing better indoor air quality. Keeping your furnace fan running in the summer months can enhance home comfort, by circulating the air in your home. You’ll feel cooler and more comfortable.

Boiler Maintenance

Hot water heating systems require some maintenance, including draining the boiler and venting the radiators to ensure things are running efficiently.

  1. Lubricate the circulating pump motor on your boiler. Use a lightweight oil, as per your boiler owner’s manual and pour it in the oil cup.
  2. In the fall and throughout the season of use, you need to vent or purge radiators if they do not already have an automatic purge system.
  3. After purging make sure pressure levels are ok. You can find out what pressure level is recommended by the boiler manufacturer in the operating manual. You then let out the air in each convector, if needed, until the pressure is at the recommended operating level.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

  1. After turning the power off to the unit, rinse outdoor coil annually with a garden hose to remove dust, grass cuttings, etc.
  2. Check unit operation annually. Do not wait until you need cool air! Annual maintenance is recommended.


  1. It is recommended that the thermostat be set no lower than 21ºC (70ºF) for cooling. Below this temperature, ice could form on the indoor coil, possibly resulting in damage to the equipment.
  2. If ice forms on the connectors going into the indoor coil or outdoor unit, turn the equipment off and call for service immediately!
  3. In cooling mode, do not lower temperature setting on the thermostat unless the outdoor unit has been off for five minutes. The breaker will probably trip or a fuse may blow if you turn it on too soon.

Eliminating Hot or Cold Spots at Home

The most common solution is to run the furnace fan on a continuous basis. A furnace with a variable ECM motor is the best choice for this.

You can also work on adjusting the registers or diffusers in the home. Start with restricting the flow through the registers in the rooms which are warmer than the others.

Does the Air Conditioner Sit on a Pad or a Bracket?

It really depends on the location of the condenser unit.

It is preferable to mount the unit on brackets attached to the foundation. This will eliminate any strain on the line sets due to movement of the ground around the foundation.  Call us to discuss if this option is right for your installation.

Noise Levels of Our Air Conditioner Units

The outside noise that comes from the condenser is 64 to 74 decibels (dB).

A hair dryer at three meters is 80 dB. The interior noise of the average car at 100km is 70 dB.

Our equipment suppliers offer the quietest air conditioner units available. Call us to discuss different units that are available.

I Have Two Furnaces, Do I Need Two Air Conditioner Units?

Tell us where the comfort issue is and at what time. Is it during dinner? At bedtime? If it is at bedtime and all the bedrooms are upstairs – it really might be possible to provide cooling only to that floor.

Troubleshooting Your Furnace or Air Conditioner

Please check the following before calling us for service. These are problems that homeowners tend to overlook and are not covered by warranty.

Step 1: Is your thermostat set to the correct function?

Step 2: Has the power to the furnace been shut off?

  • Electrical panel breaker
  • Power switch located close to furnace of high in the basement stairwell
  • Ensure the furnace fan door is on properly

Step 3: Is the filter clean? A dirty filter will eventually cause service problems and drastically decrease efficiency of both the furnace and air conditioner.

Step 4: High-efficiency furnaces have a System 636 PVC vent pipe which terminates on the side of home or through the roof. Ensure this is not blocked by debris, snow or ice.

If you cannot locate the problem by following these steps and require service, take note of the furnace model and serial number and call us.

Outside Exhaust Vents

Please note that 30% of our winter service calls are a result of the outside exhaust vents icing up.

Keep the area around your exterior vents free and clear of any snow and ice and remove any rodent screens on the outside exhaust terminations to prevent frost from collecting.

Annual Safety Check

Town & Country believes in the best possible standards of safety at work and at home. Furnace maintenance is part of those standards. In order to run at its most efficient and safest, an annual maintenance check is crucial. Town & Country makes that annual check-up fast and thorough.

Furnace manufacturers usually require proof of regular maintenance in order to keep your warranty valid and Town & Country can provide that assurance.

An Annual Safety and Service Inspection will keep your heating system in peak operating condition. Our service technician will check for any potentially dangerous gas and carbon monoxide leaks in the home.

Call us today to arrange your T & C Precision Tune Up.