Daikin Comforting Cash Program

Up to $1000 cash back on qualifying Daikin Fit systems. The Daikin Comforting Cash program offers low monthly payment loan options plus cash back to you for times of uncertainty, combined with Daikin Fit system benefits of:

» Low Profile, Space-Saving Equipment Design

» Quiet Operation

» Improved Comfort and Indoor Air Quality

» Up to 30% energy savings vs traditional 13 SEER HVAC systems1.

» Compatible with the Daikin One+ smart thermostat and other Daikin communicating equipment

Option 1:

$1000 Rebate on qualifying systems. $1000 rebate consists of $500 Daikin Comforting cash rebate check and $500 instant rebate.

Option 2:

$750 Rebate + Free Daikin ONE+ Smart Thermostat. $750 rebate consists of $375 Daikin Comforting Cash Rebate check and $375 Instant Rebate.

Daikin Comforting Cash rebate check will be issued within 2 weeks and can be used toward monthly loan payments on purchased equipment or as-needed. It’s completely up to you.


Program Terms and Requirements

Please contact your Daikin dealer/contractor for program terms and conditions that may apply. To claim your rebate you must submit a claim at www.comfortingcash.com and upload a copy of the completed Daikin Comforting Cash Program form. The deadline to install systems is January 15, 2021 and all claims must be submitted at www.comfortingcash.com by January 15, 2021. Please allow up to 45 days for rebate payment delivery. 1 Savings based on comparison of non-inverter systems to Daikin Inverter based systems. Actual results may vary. Many other variables affect energy usage, so these figures are estimates only and your savings may be different.



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