Back Up Generators

Why would you even consider a Back Up Generator? 

In the event of a big power outage in the middle of winter, things can get a little sketchy.  Your furnace will stop working and the temperature in your home will gradually drop.  Depending on how cold it is outside the temperature could drop quickly.  In the summer, power outages are also an inconvenience with the primary problem being food refrigeration. Problems with flooding can also occur as sump pumps are not being powered up. If you don’t have a BBQ or a gas range you may also find yourself without a method to cook your food.  

3 Reasons for a Back Up Generator

  1. Peace of Mind
  2. Business continuity
  3. Safety and Security: Keeps your critical systems running. 

Modern back up generators offer customized solutions allowing you to choose the right size  to meet your requirements and budget.  They are fully automatic so that when the power grid goes down they kick in, using natural gas to safely keep your home powered up to the level that you feel you need.