Outside Exhaust Vents

Please note that 30% of our winter service calls are a result of the outside exhaust vents icing up.

Keep the area around your exterior vents free and clear of any snow and ice and remove any rodent screens on the outside exhaust terminations to prevent frost from collecting.

Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems

  1. Check intake and exhaust filters monthly. If required, vacuum the filters or rinse under a water tap. Mild detergents may be used but DO NOT use solvent cleaners.
  2. Check the core every six months for dirt accumulation. If required, slide the core carefully out of the case. Clean the core with water and mild detergents ONLY! DO NOT use solvents or other cleaning agents; the water temperature must not exceed 65ºC (150ºF). DO NOT use a high-pressure hose, and be sure to replace the core CAREFULLY. It must be properly aligned with the service instructions facing outward and the arrow UP.
  3. The Drain Pans should be wiped clean with water and mild detergents. AVOID solvent-based cleaners!
  4. Set Dehumidification Control to Summer Setting or Winter Setting dependent on applicable season.
  5. Check outside hood to make sure free and clear of debris.

Equipment Maintenance and Care Guide

Annual Maintenance will improve the efficiency and prolong the life of your equipment. Your equipment should only be serviced by a qualified service technician.

Annual Maintenance is required to maintain your manufacturer’s warranty.

Caution: Do not perform any maintenance without turning OFF the power to the equipment.

Please see our blog posts relating to your specific maintenance needs.